(Re)starting my decluttering journey

I “discovered” the minimalist lifestyle sometime in 2010. I was growing more and more dissatisfied with my overcrowded and messy room (I was still living with my parents at the time). I started reading various blog focusing on minimalism and decluttering, and it sparked something in me. I felt that this was the missing piece in my life. So I began decluttering. I can honestly say that I shrunk the number of items I owned by half during that year.

After a while however, I hit a plateau. If felt like there was nothing left for me to declutter. So I started phase 2 of my decluttering journey : decluttering by attrition. Obviously the number of items I got rid of during this period were nowhere as dramatic as at the beginning of my journey. I had one simple rule : one-in, two-outs. No categories or anything. If I brought something in, I had to remove two things from my life. This lasted until spring 2014, when I graduated from university and got a job.

This is when I went back to my old spending habits. After 4 years of being student poor, I was now having a decent income, and almost no expense since I was still living at my parents place. I bought a lot of clothes and various stuff. Some of them were needed, most of them were excessive.

Then I moved in my own place, and all hell broke loose. I live in my small studio and feel overcrowded with stuff yet again. My place is messy, not because of a lack of storage, but because of a surplus of stuff. It’s been nearly two years since I haven’t really evaluated my possessions, so that’s what I’ll do in the year to come.

P.S. This blog post was sponsored by my cat, who felt I had too much mugs and decided to take matter in his own paws. RIP favorite tea mug, you will be sorely missed.



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