A frugal day… February 1st

Directly inspired by Katy Wolk-Stanley from the Non-Consumer Advocate

  1. Made my morning coffee in a hand-me-down drip machine and brought in to work in a reusable stainless steel mug.
  2. Brought my lunch from home. It consisted of leftovers from last Friday work meeting, on sale fruits and veggies and a cup of Greek Yogourt. Everything was in reusable containers, and I ate with real silverware. I also always keep a tea towel in my lunch bag instead of paper napkins.
  3. Made some tea after lunch, using the kettle I keep in my office and tea bags I bought for half-price from the grocery store clearance bin.
  4. After work, I’ll go to the gym and use my refillable water bottle (freebie from work) instead of buying a water bottle there. I’ll make sure to fill my bottle at work, since the water at the gym taste funny.

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